Our Guarantees

Our Guarantee

100% Original Papers & Projects

Every project clients commission from our company receives individualized attention from an expert on the subject. Our writers conduct each project from scratch, every time. One way we show our clients this is through presenting scores from state of the art anti-plagiarism software upon request.

Grades: SOS My Essay is unique in this guarantee. Each of our grade level selections guarantees a grade range based on a client’s desired parameters and the writers designated to conduct the project. In the unlikely occurrence that one of our writers fails to meet the grade level the client desires, the client is automatically entitled to our partial refund policy upon proof of grading.

On-time Delivery

Each of our services comes with a guarantee of on-time (submission before the deadline) delivery every time, regardless of what time or day a client sets their deadline. In the nearly-impossible (it hasn’t happened yet!) case of a missed deadline, a client is entitled to a full refund.

Elite Tier Revision

Every client who subscribes to our Elite tier of services receives special unlimited revisions from the writer for every project, though we encourage all our clients to subscribe to further premium services.


SOS My Essay ensures that every single project remains entirely confidential through a double-blind system. The writer will not know the identity of the client and vice versa. We also take thorough precautions using up-to-date and state-of-the-art software to protect the identities of clients and projects through our secure company server, email service, and website.

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