Who Are We?

Matt and Mark, two graduates of the University of Toronto, started SOS My Essay in 2015 after identifying a need among students. They saw that student life in the twenty-first century can sometimes be overwhelming and unmanageable, so they created a company that offers premium, secure, and industry-leading services to help address that instability of student life.

Our Difference

SOS My Essay is a company that specializes in academic writing and editing projects. We understand your academic needs and difficulties, and we have already helped thousands of students with their essays and assignments. All our writers are experienced academic researchers and educators from top universities in North America. We assist students in receiving the best marks possible by writing clear and coherent essays with strong arguments and reasoning. We tailor the writing to every individual case, ensuring papers meet all standards and academic requirements of the assignment in question. In addition, we accommodate clients’ other needs by offering academic services including editing, tutoring, and online classes. Most importantly, our team at SOS My Essay genuinely cares about your study and wants you to succeed at university or college.

Our Vision

SOS My Essay’s goal is to provide premium, secure academic services at affordable prices.

Our writers come from every area of academia and hold advanced degrees from the world’s top 150 universities, including at minimum an M.A., M.S.C., or M.B.A, though many also hold a PhD. They have experience as professors, course instructors, teaching assistants, and professional researchers. So they are well-placed to meet the requirements of any academic project.

Before submission, every assignment sent to SOS My Essay must pass through quality control. Our quality control team includes expert copy editors who scrutinize, edit and comment on each assignment. Every editor is an expert in the field who meets the same criteria as our writers. At SOS My Essay, we believe academic peer-review is essential to the quality delivery of each project.

Our Client Relations Representatives are the first line of contact. They work and communicate with clients to develop a better picture of what a project needs, from writing to online tutoring. Communication is SOS My Essay’s foundation, so our support staff prioritize all company-client interaction.

Our management has built a strong network of top academic talent in North America. We thoroughly screen the academic credentials of each of our contributors, from our corps of writers to our quality control team. We carefully select the strengths and specialities of each team member to bring our clients the best deliverables in the industry.

Why do you need academic writing and editing services?

Are you struggling to meet deadlines for assignments in university or college? Are you running out of ideas for your final essays? Have you found it difficult to find a balance between academics and your social life or work? No worries! Essay Tutor is here to help you achieve academic success and make your heavy workload more manageable.

Writing academic essays is strenuous. Students often spend dozens of hours on conducting research before writing their first drafts even before revising and polishing. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that diligent students will always do well on their essays.

Indeed, academic essays have their own set of rules, formatting and styles – some are even case-by-case depending on the instructor. Not everyone is familiar with these rules or may find themselves initially ill-prepared to thrive in a post-secondary setting. Unfortunately, universities and colleges have increasingly failed to provide sufficient assistance to students to improve their writing skills. Furthermore, facing steep tuition hikes in recent years, more than 80% of university students in Canada and the United States work part-time to finance their studies and avoid racking up more debt. Some even work full time. As a result, many find it difficult to balance their study workload and employment duties. Doing well at university is physically and mentally taxing. This is where SOS My Essay comes in: we provide the help and services you need, whenever you need them.

SOS My Essay is ready to help and share your burden. Don’t wait for luck: create success! Our company is the only choice for the best academic services in the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, or any other part of the world.

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